The PCS Story

And The vision that shapes us still

The story of Penobscot Christian School is really not about a school at all. It is about a community of believers coming together to honor God in striving to teach and raise their children in a way consistent
with scripture.

In the fall of 1979, Ken Johnson as a new Christian and young father was facing the prospect of enrolling his young daughter Erica in school for the first time. “As I read the scriptures, I realized for the first time what an awesome responsibility it was to be a father and to raise a child to know and love God. The thought of turning my child over to an un-believing educational system for 6 hours a day was scary to me."

About that time, God brought many people together in the coming year to form and launch Penobscot Christian School; including headmasters, teachers and a host of others that supported the idea and vision of a parent sponsored school.

That vision is the same today, a God-centered world–view that permeates the entire curriculum and mission of the school.  At PCS, children are educated in a way consistent with the beliefs and values held by their parents and teachers
PCS is not for everyone, but for the children of Bible believing Christian families. It is not a church, not a weekday Sunday school, but rather a place where the work of science, mathematics,literature, grammar, spelling, reading, physical education, art, music and more are done to God’s glory and honor. It is a place where we can trust our children to be nurtured and taught by Godly men and women and a place where our children’s faith and confidence in a living God and Savior can grow day by day.