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PCS Board Update: Interim Space

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

A nearby offsite building to help us breath and bridge the gap between now and the planned Ohio St expansion project.

From Eric Meyerson, PCS Board President

We have some exciting news to share with everyone! As you probably know, our our Ohio St school building is maxed out space-wise. Planning done over the last several months determined that we need 4-6 additional classrooms ready to use by September.

In order to reach that goal, the PCS School Board considered three options for next year (less than 6 months away!):

1. New Construction

2. Portable Classrooms

3. Additional space in a close by, off-site location.

After researching these options...we were left with the off-site option and the Lord provided us with an excellent one. In His providence, Hope Lutheran Church at 1520 Union St. (4 mins away from PCS) came on the market 2 weeks ago. This past Sunday evening, the church board approved our offer to purchase their building.

1520 Union St

This building will provide the space needed for next fall at HALF the cost of new construction and cover our interim space needs until construction can be completed on a major expansion project on our back lot at our Ohio St campus. Please be in prayer for the board as the details of financing, inspections, etc. are finalized. Please also pray for the Heads of School as they work out the new space utilization plan for both facilities and the logistics involved in having two locations. We will have it all ready to communicate to parents at the May Annual Meeting or before.

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